Sarpaneva Wood 28,7 cm

Serving and cutting board, size: 28.7 cm.

We have reproduced the wood serving and cutting boards based on Timo Sarpaneva’s original designs. The boards can be used on their own as stylish dining and serving trays. Sarpaneva originally designed them for use with Iittala’s Sarpaneva Steel plates. The wood boards open all sorts of new possibilities for the steel plates. The boards come in two sizes: 23 cm and 28.7 cm. The smaller board fits the Sarpaneva Steel 32 cm plate (a dinner plate) and the larger board fits the 41 cm plate.

Sarpaneva Wood serving and cutting boards are made of high-quality, heat-treated and oiled beech. One side of the board is smooth and the other has a groove and trap for liquids. There are grooves in the outer edge of the board to make lifting and holding the board easier.